Before qualifying as a clinical psychologist/ therapist I spent many years working in the secondary school education field, both as a teacher and then as Principal. During these years I gained much experience in understanding adolescents and what their difficulties and needs are. I also learned a lot about the tensions which often exist between teenagers and their parents. These years of working as a teacher/principal have given me invaluable knowledge and experience which informs my therapy work with adolescents.

After leaving the education sector I obtained a BA Honours in Psychology and was accepted into the Masters course in Clinical Psychology at Rhodes University. I qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in 2003 and in 2004 opened my own private practice in Cape Town which I am still running.

I joined the Trauma Clinic network of psychologists (2004-2016) who offer their services as trauma counsellors. This gave me invaluable experience in dealing with people both individual and groups, exposed to critical incident traumas of many kinds, including hijackings, robberies, being held at gunpoint, fires, injuries from accidents, domestic violence, other forms of abuse such as rape, and natural disasters. I have received training in Trauma Counselling and, more specifically, as an EMDR practitioner which has equipped me with particular skills for working with people who have been exposed to various kinds of trauma.

I was a member of the South African Sexual Health Association from 2005-2013 and have attended workshops and conferences on sexual health. This has informed my work with both individuals and couples in areas such as difficulties concerning sexual intimacy in relationships, sexual identity, gender-related concerns, feelings of sexual inadequacy, and sex addiction.

In addition I have many years of experience working in community settings. Through this work I was exposed to many different psycho-social issues, as well as various cultures and language barriers. This proved to be invaluable in teaching me to be resourceful and adaptable concerning diverse mental health situations and perspectives.