I am registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (PS0083658). My practice number with the Board of Health Care Funders is (0163171).

As a registered Clinical Psychologist I am contracted with most medical aids. My rates fall below those charged by medical aids - R800 to R850 per session. I prefer not to submit invoices to medical aids and would rather that you pay me directly, either by eft or in cash.

Each therapy session is usually 50 minutes long. However, couple and family therapy sessions may be of 90 minute duration, in which case the fee is adjusted accordingly.

Cancellations given at less than 24 hours before appointments, as well as missed appointments, are charged at the full rate. Please note that medical aids do not cover missed sessions and that, whether or not your account is submitted to a medical aid, you are ultimately responsible for payment of the account.