I believe it is very important to understand why someone is seeking help and what the underlying problem is. To do this I explore what lies at the root of a client’s distress, during our counselling and therapy sessions, which could be based on present circumstances and/or on experiences from the past.

Negative feelings affect how people think, act and behave and thus play an important role in determining people's behaviours and functioning. Hence I work with raising awareness concerning these feelings, so that they no longer control how people act.

In addition I employ cognitive and behavioural principles because understanding how one’s thoughts and behaviours are counter-productive goes a long way to assisting people in changing those thoughts and behaviours.

I also aim to equip clients with practical coping skills which they can employ to effect changes in their lives.

My approach is based on the Schema Therapy treatment method which encompasses all of the above. Schema Therapy focuses on identifying the thought ans behaviour patterns underlying and perpetuating mental health conditions. Hence treatment involves the exploration of dysfunctional beliefs, maladaptive behaviours and coping methods, as well as the origin of unmet emotional needs.

However, my approach is very much informed by the individual needs of clients as I believe that the therapy/counselling space needs to be one in which the client feels comfortable and accepted.

I also believe that the relationship between client and therapist/counsellor is of prime importance. Hence I aim for an interactive relationship and offer compassion and care in an environment which is safe and confidential.